Greet Guests with this Stone Garden Angel

Majestic Angel Guardians of the Gate: LargeAngels have a number of tasks. They act as guardians for children of all ages, represent grief and the act of mourning, and act as messengers from a higher power. They also fulfill the role of guardians and for this reason, the front doors of many cathedrals are flanked by beautiful sculptures of angels. Welcoming to the pious and intimidating to the evil-doer, they can also be used to flank the entranceway to gardens, backyards, and any type of home.

Although just about any angel statue will make an impression when placed next to a doorway, the angel sculptures that work best are the ones designed for this purpose. The Majestic Angel Guardians of the Gate are two such statues. Replicas of antique, 19th century angel statues from an Italian cathedral, these sculptures emanate a noble peace with large, detailed wings, flowing gowns, and thoughtful expressions on their stony faces. Crafted from quality fiberglass resin and painted with an antique stone finish, these resin garden statues are built to last and designed with artistic beauty. Place them next to a gate into the garden, flanking any doorway, or adjacent to a fireplace to impress all of your winter holiday guests.

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