Guard the Garden and Home with this Gargoyle Statue

Gargoyles were developed centuries ago to scare evil spirits away from churches and other sacred Silas the Sentry Gargoyle Sculptureplaces. One can easily surmise how these stone creatures with reptilian wings, large fangs, and clawed hands could intimidate both spirits and people who are up to no good. Although I wouldn't rely on using gargoyle figurines to keep intruders out of the backyard, they still make for excellent garden sculptures and conversation pieces.

One of the most realistic and detailed gargoyle statues available from Design Toscano is Silas the Sentry. With a height of two feet, this muscled, crouching gargoyle looks ready to pounce on any and all intruders and would make short work of them with its talons and sharp teeth. Whereas some gargoyles perch on the eaves or upper levels of structures, Silas represents the sentry gargoyles that are placed on or close to the ground. Put him near the back door and facing the garden to "protect" your home or place Silas next to one of the tables in the backyard. No matter where you put this frightening sentry, he is going to make an impact on both guests and the ambiance of your garden!

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