Guard Your Home with These Asian Garden Sculptures

Thai Princess SculptureStatues are a peculiar form of art. Whereas paintings can depict scenes, people, and emotions, they are always going to be flat pictures that can only be viewed from the front. Sculptures, on the other hand, are three-dimensional representations of a subject or scene. You can walk around them and view them from every angle. When crafted with details that closely mimic reality, they can look as if they are going to come to life. This lifelike appearance has converted many a sculpture into functional art.

The function can come in the form of religious purposes, for remembrance, and as a means of warding off unwelcome guests. This latter purpose was the impetus for creating sculptures of gargoyle figurines in Europe, dragons in various parts of the world, and "Foo Dogs" in China. Anyone who has visited the Forbidden City in Beijing, China has been greeted by the intimidating and powerful Foo Dogs that guard its gates. With their large fanged maws, muscled bodies, and lion-like appearance, Foo Dogs are meant to scare off both evil spirits and erstwhile enemies. Flank the back door with a pair of these Asian Garden Sculptures to do the same.

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