Halloween Statues For Your Garden

With Halloween comes eerie and scary decorations and statues to spook your neighbors, passerby, family members, and trick-or-treaters! 

Design Toscano will help you with your spooking! We provide the best, spookiest garden statuary and gargoyle garden statues that you'll find anywhere! 

The Gargoyle of Castle Avonshire Sculpture, by artist Marco Paoletti, is one of our best-sellers. Its realistic traits will definitely spook trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood! Artist Paoletti has sculpted the steadfast spirit of this broad-shouldered beast with a steady gaze, muscular build and menacing paws. Our quality designer resin Toscano exclusive makes the perfect fierce watchdog for your front gate, garden grounds or hearth.

Silas the Sentry Gargoyle Sculpture is another realistic gargoyle sculpture in Design Toscano's collection. This particular gargoyle statue, by artist Liam Manchester, is one of the largest gargoyles we’ve ever offered!
With bat-like wings, threatening jaw and flared nostrils, our two-foot-tall Gothic sentinel is ready to pounce on unsuspecting predators to your home or garden! Following the legendary European heritage of gargoyle sentries, artist Manchester has chiseled Silas with muscular haunches and spiny talons, then cast him in quality designer resin to capture every detail available to guard your home or garden.

 To shop more of Design Toscano's Halloween collection, from Halloween garden statuary to gothic décor for the home, visit our Halloween Spooktacular collection online!

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