Happiness is the Essence of This Outdoor Garden Sculpture

Basking in God's Glory Little Girl StatueEvery backyard should be a happy place. Gardens are personal sanctuaries from the stresses associated with work, life, and dealing with other people. The peaceful nature of backyards can help you refind yourself in a busy world and can also be a place for personal healing. Although the weeds in a flower bed and feeder raiding squirrels can be true sources of frustration, one should never allow them to cause too much worry. Put out certain garden statuary and you will always be reminded that your garden is a happy, peaceful place.

Animal garden sculptures add a nice, peaceful touch to every backyard because they remind you of the basic beauty showcased by all things wild and free. Although statues of bear cubs playing together is certainly a happy sight, the most joyous sculpture for any backyard theme has to be the Basking in God's Glory Little Girl Statue. With her arms outstretched and face raised to the heavens, this little girl has an expression of pure happiness. Small birds perch on her arms as she smiles with innocent, absolute joy. This wonderful sculpture comes in two sizes and is the happiest addition to every garden.

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