Heirloom Resin Garden Statues

Angel of Patience SculptureFor the most part, we purchase garden decor to beautify and add character to the backyard. We might love certain garden fairies and gnomes but we don't think of them as anything other than quality, endearing decorations. However, the quality and exquisite nature of some items earns them heirloom status. These are the statues and sculptures that are nothing short of breathtaking in appearance. Heirloom pieces are the objets d'art that we just about fall in love with and pass them on with care to sons, daughters, and grandchildren who are expected to continue cherishing them until they eventually give them to their children. Such items have to be of the highest quality, be of enduring beauty and fabrication, and be unique.

Although it's pretty easy to find heirloom quality pieces in the Design Toscano catalog, a couple examples of particularly stunning garden statuary are the classic Angel of Patience statue and the King of Beasts Lion Sculpture. 

A dramatic stone garden angel, the Angel of Patience has a serene, other worldly look on her face and wings ready to take her to the heavens. The majestic King Of Beasts animal yard statue might not give the same impression as an angel but his realism is simply incredible.


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