Here Comes the Fourth of July Sale

OUR ANNUAL FOURTH OF JULY SALE starts on June 28th and continues through July 5th.  This great sale will feature 20% off items throughout our entire site.  Start browsing now.

Dancing Shiva Grand-Scale StatueIf you have been looking for a unique Asian god to put in your garden like our Buddha outdoor statues, now is the time to shop for one.  The Hindu god Shiva is not as frequently seen as Buddha as an outdoor ornament, but the Dancing Shiva Grand-Scale Statue is beautiful to behold and can find a place in your outdoor garden or even indoors.  Shiva symbolizes the ebb and flow of life and is dancing in a circle of cosmic energy.  She is hand painted and is four feet tall.  This is a Design Toscano exclusive.

The summer is the time for clam bakes, lobster and crabs, all so delicious eaten outdoors.  To bring this salty theme to your yard we have crustaceans that are as well done and even more fun than our tortoise statue, but with the same hard shell.  These are Tropical Crabs Wall Sculpture: Set of Two and they are colorful crabs that can climb your garden or patio wall.  They are hand painted in a wonderful tropical hue and will make you want a crab cake immediately.

During the Fourth of July Sale is a great time to pick up that gargoyle figurine that you have wanting to complete your décor.   One of the favorites and most attractive (for a gargoyle that is) is Talisman, Gargoyle of the Eclipse Statue.   Almost a foot tall and finished with Gothic green, Talisman is a well detailed  gargoyle, whose evil face and spiked horns will create a stir in your yard.

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