Honor Cats With Our Exclusive Egyptian Art!

Bastet's Egyptian Altar TimepieceCats were first domesticated in ancient Egypt more than 4,000 years ago. They were greatly admired and kept in most homes.

Bastet was the most revered cat goddess, as she was protector of children and other cats. Invite Bastet into your home with Bastet's Egyptian Altar Timepiece. This is an exquisite representation of ancient Eygptian culture and a great addition to any collection! 

This Egyptian cat goddess is a guardian of time, said even to control the ripening of crops. Crafted in quality designer resin and hand-painted in an ornate Egyptian palette, our cat figurine proudly perches atop an ornate pedestal to showcase her quality quartz timepiece with Roman numerals.

Another timeless Egyptian art piece that can be added to your Egyptian home decor is our exclusive Anubis Egyptian Revival Sculptural Clock.
Adorned with the rich symbols of Egyptoloy, this quality designer resin clock is finished in faux gold gilt and ebony and features a quality quartz timepiece with Roman numerals. 

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