Horse Statues Are Classic Animal Garden Sculptures

Majestic Mustang Horse SculptureThe animal yard statue has been around a lot longer than most people realize. Although the gardens of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians weren't exactly replete with detailed depictions of Meerkats, they did showcase sculptures of other animals. Sculptures of lions were found in many gardens but horses were probably the most popular animal to be immortalized in stone.

The horse is still admired for its combination of grace and speed but before the car was invented, this animal was vital for everything from farming to travel and war. Its noble bearing was captured by countless artists over the centuries and this tradition continues with sculptures such as the Majestic Mustang. The wild, unfettered nature of the mustang is captured in this dramatic statue as the horse rears up and batters the air with its forelegs.

Horses have been so revered that they have also been used to create mythical creatures. The Greeks combined the wings of an eagle and the beauty of a horse to come up with the Pegasus. This amazing mythical animal combines the best of both worlds to prance through the skies with amazing speed. A symbol of creativity, the Grand Pegasus Winged Horse will add a touch of magical beauty to every backyard.

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