Horses of History and Mythology

Horses have always had a place in history certainly in the times that they were the primary mode of transportation.  They also have a place in mythology and sometimes those lines are blurred.  In our Basil Street Gallery we have the Legendary Trojan Horse Sculpture a Ancient Tang Horse Iron Statuefour foot sculpture into which the artist sculpted Greek and Trojan battle scenes.  This horse will be a conversation piece for years as friends discuss the detailed artwork and depicted battle scenes.

We have an area called marbles busts for sale and indeed there are marble busts in that area, but also many other delighted pieces of décor at great prices.  One of these items is the historical Ancient Tang Horse Iron Statue now at a new lower price.  This statue is a casting of the Chinese antique and is wonderfully done in iron and aged patina.

Mythological horses have been depicted in marble and demand a place in the garden just as the Buddha outdoor statues do.  Our Grand Pegasus Winged Horse Sculpture is the greatest horse in mythology done in marble and with wings spread standing proudly in any outdoor area.

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