How the Gothic Era Came to Be

When it comes to the gothic or medieval era in terms of decorating, many people wonder how anyone could find this beautiful in their home.  The truth is that the gothic era was one of the most impressive when it comes to beauty, and it can be replicated in even the most contemporary design themes.  Here we will talk about how the gothic era came to be, and  by doing so illustrate why it is still so popular today.

The Gothic era was all about impressing the audience.  Modern day did not invent the notion of “keeping up with the Joneses” as those in the Gothic era were always trying to one up those in the classes below.  Gothic tables that went above and beyond standard decor themes with intricate detailing and sturdy long lasting structure were used as focal pieces in a room to showcase wealth and stature.

Detest the Rest Gargoyle StatueCathedrals and religious buildings such as churches in the 15th century added to the impressive nature of gothic decor.  Most of the craftsmanship in the 15th century gothic pieces or knight statues would be handled by monks, who would take great care and attention to the intricate detailing of the pieces used for decor purposes.

Because the gothic era spanned almost ten centuries, you have a lot of timeline to play with when incorporating these intricate detailing into your own home. Knights, castles, and gargoyle figurines are all being subtly used today to revive the gothic era in the most elegant of contemporary design.

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