How to be Reminded of the Ten Commandments with Garden Statuary

Ten Commandments Sculptural TabletIn this modern, hectic world, it's good to be reminded of basic rules to live by. Some of the oldest were written down several thousand years ago by a leader of a tribe in the Middle East. He no doubt grew up surrounded by exquisite Egyptian art but ended up leading his people out of slavery and into new lands. On that trying journey through the desert, Moses came down from a mountain with some important rules to follow. They were inscribed on two, big stone tablets and told his people what they should and should not do if they wanted to please their God.

For untold millions of people, those basic rules have withstood the test of time. Although it's easy to look up and read the ten commandments in several religious texts, you can also remind yourself of that story and the rules with your own set of faux stone tablets. This sculpture is perfect for the gardens of places of worship that follow the ten commandments as well as individuals who appreciate the wisdom of those rules. One side of this stone garden sculpture gives the ten commandments in English while the other side of the tablets show them in an ancient Hebrew dialect.

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