How to Buy Wall Sculptures

Egyptian Cobra Goddess Wall SculptureWhen you are thinking about adding some wall sculptures to either your interior or outdoor design, there are a few things to take into consideration.  As easy as it is to change the look of your entire space through one piece of Egyptian art or religious symbol, you want to make your selection being as informed as possible.  A dramatic statement is sure to be made by any piece of wall art you choose, but you can be dramatic and subtle at the same time if you do it right.  Here’s how to do it.

The first thing to consider is the space of your wall where you want your sculpture to go.  It is better to choose the space before you choose the sculpture, as it will be easier to accommodate the sculpture to your space than vice versa.  Knowing how much space you have will dictate whether you are going for something simple, or something extravagant.
Next you will need to determine what color theme to use.  You can go with an Art Nouveau look such as a neutral tone on a neutral wall as seen in these lovely French Greenmen wall sculptures.  For a more dramatic statement, use a dark sculpture against a neutral wall, or a lighter sculpture against a darker wall such as this rendition of Venus, a contemporary twist from more traditional Greek garden statues.

No matter how dramatic or how subtle your desired effect is, wall size and shade are your two most important considerations when choosing wall sculptures.

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