How to Choose an Interior Design to Match Your Personal Style

When you are thinking of changing your interior space, you often hear the advice to stick to your personal style.  But if you aren’t sure how to translate your personal style into your living space, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the selections.  The two most common forms of interior design start off with either a traditional or a contemporary base, and go from there.  You can choose to decorate completely traditionally, completely contemporary, or use a little bit of both to create a unique room that is all you. Here are some ways to go with either one or both bases of interior design.

The Lord Raffles Grand Hall Lion Leg Coffee TableA traditional design is one that is for those that cater to the more formal side of life.  Traditional pieces can be found in Gothic tables that create a stunning focal point in any room.  You can offset a piece as substantial as this with some contemporary elements and clean lines in other pieces. 

Alternatively, if you prefer the contemporary look, you can create your entire room around clean lines and silhouettes with pieces centering around modern materials.  With the simple selection of a piece as unique as something like Egyptian art, you add an instant traditional flair to an otherwise contemporary room without changing the tone of the room.

A transitional style is one that incorporates both the traditional and the contemporary through a number of pieces.  Gargoyle figurines are one way to incorporate a very subtle medieval look into a room that is otherwise sleek and contemporary.  By playing with the design through some simple accent pieces, you then are able to create a room that maintains your personal style, but sticks to general design motifs that will be enjoyed and appreciated by your family and friends.

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