How to Decorate a Bigfoot Statue for the Winter Holidays

Bigfoot, the Garden Yeti StatueIt's been a bit more than a week since we celebrated Halloween and although it's hard to beat the fantastic decorating used for that fun day, some of us give it a shot with light displays and amazing decor meant for Christmas and other winter holidays. However, since so much of the decor is the same, using decorations that stand out from those of friends and neighbors is a common challenge. This year, to overcome that challenge, try decorating a Bigfoot Statue. No, Bigfoot on its own isn't exactly associated with the winter holidays in any traditional fashion, but dress him up with the right decor and the Great North American Ape will become the life of any holiday party.

The following are a couple of ideas to spice up your holiday festivities with a big foot garden statue:

  • Crown him with an elf hat and garland: Decor as simple as an elf hat can do wonders for any statues, including a sculpture of Bigfoot. Put an elf hat on his head and he goes from being a wild creature of the dark woods to becoming one of Santa's funniest little helpers.
  • Dress him up like Santa: Do this and not only will your party guests be very much entertained, but pictures of your decorated Bigfoot statue might even end up being featured in the local paper. Put a red hat, white beard, and Santa Claus coat or cape on Bigfoot and put him in the lobby to greet holiday guests for full effect.

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