How to Know that the Time Has Come to Buy Gothic Tables for Your Home

Lord Raffles Lion Tea TableFurniture can be simply functional or it can be crafted as a functional, artistic object of beauty. If someone were solely interested in buying a table that would accomplish nothing more than acting as a place to set with dinnerware or host a lamp, then that person would probably not be interested in buying a beautiul, hand-carved Gothic table. However, someone who would rather also use a table to help decorate a room will find an excellent solution in the form of tables that display an artistic, Gothic touch.

The time has arrived for buying a Gothic table if:

  • You have always wanted a dining or den fit for royalty: Gothic furniture fills any room with a fantastic regal touch by merit of fine, sculpted wood. That noble look is found in stunning pieces like the Effingham Gryphon Library Table. Whether used as a table in the den, library, or dining area, this beautiful, hand-carved mohagany table is a functional work of art that brings a royal touch to the room.
  • You want to get 20% off on-sale Gothic furniture: Buy on-sale tables such as the Effingham Gryphon, Lord Raffles Lion Leg Table, and other on-sale items between today and Friday, May 10th and you get a 20% discount. It's hard to find a better reason for buying gorgeous Gothic furniture than buying them for a bargain.

Order any on-sale item from now until May 10th and enjoy a 20% discount as part of our Virtual Warehouse Sale.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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