How to Make Egyptian Decor Look Modern

Thanksgiving Day Sale Design ToscanoEgyptian Guardians of Time Mantel ClockWe see the Egyptian theme cropping up in many contemporary design themes, and there are plenty of reasons why. The Egyptian era is a fascinating era, and as the holidays draw closer, it becomes even more fascinating with the stories of Christmas hailing from the land of Pharaoh’s.  If you have been thinking about adding a unique touch to your holiday decor or interior design, there are a number of ways to bring this magic into your home with Egyptian home decor and still maintain a modern look. Here are some ideas.

The key to keeping the Egyptian theme modern in your home is using simple Egyptian decorations that do not clutter.  The key is simple but elegant, and you can accomplish this in a number of ways.  There is no metal more elegant than gold, and this element is used frequently in Egyptian decor.  One example of this can be seen in our Egyptian guardians time clock that is  a simple but stunning way to add this theme into your current modern design theme.

Eye of Horus Egyptian VaseAnother element key in Egyptian design is the color blue, as the Egyptian era values the Nile River.  You can incorporate the blue of the Nile into a variety of ways and means into your Egyptian theme by using Egyptian art that symbolizes the Nile and injects the color blue.  This adds an instant tone of calmness and serenity while maintaining the Egyptian theme at the same time.

No matter how you choose to incorporate Egypt into your home design, do so by starting simple and keeping it clutter free.  This makes your Egyptian theme both modern and historical at the same time.

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