Huge, Sudden Sale on Garden Statuary and Everything Else!

The Grand Ruler: Life-Size Anubis SculptureIf you happen to be reading this blog post on Thursday, April 19th, count yourself among the lucky for hitting the jackpot of all Design Toscano sales! For just 12 hours on April 19th, 2012, you can get 25% off everything at Design Toscano. Yes, that's right, a full 25% off the regular price of everything from Egyptian decorations to Japanese Garden Statues. If you ever thought of eventually buying one of the beautiful decorative lamps, replica furniture, decor for the backyard, or even decor for Halloween, don't wait to make that order.

If you plan on buying anything from Design Toscano, don't hesitate to place your order for more than 12 hours or you are going to pay 25% more than the price you would pay today! That sizeable discount might also place a huge number of items into your price range. If those fantastic angel statues seemed to cost just a bit too much for your budget on any other day, they just might be affordable if you order them today, April 19th!

Make sure to browse through the online catalog and order all of your decorating needs for the rest of the year to get great savings on the unique, beautiful decor available from Design Toscano. Just don't wait until tomorrow because this 25% off everything sale ends today, April 19th!

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