Humorous Gothic Decor

Zombie Gothic Wall SculptureGothic decorations tend to be frightening, mysterious, or intimidating but some items are downright comical. A certain sense of humor might be needed to generate smiles and guffaws from Gothic-themed items but most people should be able to appreciate the following pieces:

  • The Lost Zombie Head Statue: One of the many odd things about zombies is that the loss of limbs doesn't keep them from continuing to attack and terrorize any and all humans. In fact, they can even lose their noggin and still attempt to chomp at the bit! The wonderfully detailed and grotesque Lost Zombie Head Statue looks real enough to be a prop in the latest zombie horror film. Put it in the flowerbed to give your garden guests a scream of a time!
  • Zombie Gothic Wall Sculpture: Grant Wood's American Gothic is kind of creepy all on its own. Change the subjects of the painting to zombies and it becomes a masterpiece of dark humor! Even though they literally offer their hearts to visitors, you wouldn't want these ghouls as your neighbors!
  • Wrapped Too Tight Garden Mummy Statue: This funny mummy looks more annoyed than frightening. I suppose you would be too if you had to spend three thousands years in tightly wrapped bandages!

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