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Vitruvian Man Bonded Marble StatueEvery person has their own opinion  as to what an ideal sculpture is.  Some look for straight modernistic lines, others like classical figures sculpted in detail and still others love the lifelike sculptures our artists create of animals.  All of these types of sculpture and much, much more can be seen in our Basil Street Gallery.  A piece that everyone will recognize is the Vitruvian Man Bonded Marble Statue.  This exquisite sculpture of DaVinci's forms of the human body is done in a somewhat classical style with a marble border.

A popular item is always a piece of Meerkat sculpture in the yard or patio.  These are happy little animals, always looking upward and sometimes sculpted as going into and coming out of a hole in the ground.  Among our many garden Meerkat Family at the Watering Hole Garden Fountainfountains we have the adorable Meerkat Family at the Watering Hole Garden Fountain.  This piece depicts the Meerkats getting ready to enjoy the water that is tumbling from the top of the fountain.

One of the most familiar of all outdoor sculpture is the garden statues gnomes.  They are even now traveling and doing TV ads about their travels.  We have many gnomes of course and all of them are adorable and durable.  If you want to jazz up your outdoor space a bit you might be interested in The Jazz Man Garden Gnome Statue.  This guy is playing away on his saxophone and just jamming out with the other gnomes in your yard.

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