In Support of Medieval Home Decor

The Lord Raffles Grand Hall Lion Leg Coffee TableThe word "Medieval" can invoke a wide range of images and responses. Some will think of romantic dinners where the flickering lights of candles play upon the folds of velvet robes and ignite the deep red hearts of wine-laden flasks. Others may think of foreboding castles decorated with sinister gargoyles on the outside and intricate tapestries on the inner walls. Some will be reminded of much scarier scenes that depict sharp-bladed weapons and widespread ignorance but many more people will probably think of modern Medieval-themed events and restaurants. Most, however, probably won't think so much about decor and that is indeed a shame given the fact that the majority of Medieval decor items are exquisite works of art.

Unlike much of the mass-produced furniture of modern times, chairs and tables that were fabricated for the Medieval nobility were built to impress and last for ages. Many such items have in fact lasted for centuries and can be admired in castles and a number of museums. While such antiques cost far too much to be used as actual, functional decor, replicas of Medieval works of art are downright breathtaking and include stunning items like the Antoinette Loveseat or the Lord Raffle's Grand Hall Lion Leg Coffee Table.

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