Indoor and Outdoor Wall Décor

Dread, the Dangling Dragon Wall SculptureDesign Toscano is the place to go for all your dragon and gargoyle gifts.  We have many wonderful dragon and gargoyle statues, figurines and wall décor.   A really nice piece of outdoor wall décor is our Dread, the Dangling Dragon Sculpture.  What fun it would be to have this snarling, mean looking dragon climbing up your fence or garden wall.  He’s a marvelous sculpture in the designer resign created to replicate the dragons that were on castle walls.

Double Trouble Hanging Gargoyle SculptureOur gargoyle figurines are some of the scariest around and great to put on your wall.  The Double Trouble Hanging Gargoyle Statue is an amazing piece depicting a two headed gargoyle that is 2 feet long.  He looks really menacing hanging on your garden wall or he can be displayed lying flat.  This unique gargoyle is a Design Toscano exclusive.

Many of our greenmen collection like to stay outdoors near their leafy trees, but there are some nice pieces that bring the greenmen décor into your home.  The Forest Greenmen Ent Canvas Wall Scroll Tapestry is a canvas vinyl tapestry that is a wonderful depiction of the tree ent face.  This tapestry is from a painting by artist Ann Stokes.

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