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If you have been thinking of redecorating, but not sure which way you want to go, you may Medieval Marauder Gargoyle Statuewant to think about starting with some accent pieces and taking your design theme from there.  We’ve already started talking about how you can change the look of an entire room with an indoor statue.  One way to do that is by starting with a theme in mind, and choosing statues that best coincide with that theme.  Today we will talk about the theme of Gothic decor, and how a simple statue can turn your home into a medieval castle in a flash.

When you think of Gothic of medieval home decor, there are many things that come to your mind.  Castles and gargoyles and dragons oh my, where do you begin?  Wherever you like.  One popular item used in medieval or Gothic decorating is the infamous gargoyle.  Gargoyle sculptures are an intriguing way to create a Gothic look very quickly.  We have gargoyles available in every shape and size, for both indoor and out.  If you need a castle guard, there is none better than our Medieval Marauder Gargoyle Statue and he fits every budget for less than $13.

Dragons as well can be seen as very Gothic when they are not used with an Asian theme. For less than $40, our Desmond the Dragon Statue will certainly guard any space you put him in.

If you are looking for the right accent piece, now is the best time to do so as many of our indoor statues are reduced just for you!

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