Inspirational Garden Cherub Statues

Garden statuary doesn't just have to act as interesting backyard decor. As with any artwork, given the right Plant a Garden Cherub Statuepieces, they can also make statements and act as sources of inspiration. This is exactly what the majority of religious-themed artwork is meant to accomplish and although angels can fall into both religious and non-religious categories, they tend to be inspirational. Even those adorable baby angels known as cherubs can inspire us in a variety of ways.

The Plant a Garden Cherub Statue will inspire any gardener to put a bit of extra effort into weeding the flower beds and caring for the vegetable patch. This classic, detailed cherub statue supports a book with chubby arms and wavy haired head that reads, "To Plant a Garden is to believe in tomorrow".

In a different corner of the garden, another cherub can inspire hope for better weather as it holds up a sundial and looks to the sky with an innocent, joyful face.

You can also give an inspirational welcome to guests of the garden with the Raphael's Cherub Twins Welcome Statue. The classic, wide-eyed angelic babes in this welcome statue sign are modeled after two of Raphael's famous Renaissance cherubs.

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