Intriguingly Different Sculpture

There is always something different and out of the ordinary to be seen at Design Toscano and a large variety to choose from.  We have many Greek garden statues from the ordinary replicas and some you may have never seen before.  One of these would possibly be our Teucer Quality Lost Wax Bronze Statue: 1881.  This amazing bronze statue of the Greek archer, Teucer, stands atop a black solid marble base and the lines of the piece are as smooth as an arrow shot from his bow.

The Contortionist Skeleton Side TableOur inventory is highly blessed with a great variety of stone garden angel, so many serene, some playful and the always adorable cherubs to bring peace and cheer to any garden.  One of the cutest of our cherub sculptures is the Balancing a Dream cherub Garden Statue.  This sweet little angel has fallen asleep with its head on its arms and is resting in a seated position with its little rear hanging over a bit and its toes all curled up.  This angel could rest quietly anywhere in your outdoor space.

We are happy to present our Gothic tables as some of the more unusual pieces in our collection.  These tables, some glass-topped and others of fine wood, often depict creatures and places not seen in the ordinary living room table.  An example of this is The Contortionist Skeleton Side Table.  Here we have a wonderful skeleton lying on his side balancing the spacious glass top with his knees.  You might be the first in your neighborhood to have one of these.

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