Is that a Real Bulldog or an Animal Yard Statue?

Sculptures of animals have been used in gardens and backyards since ancient Babylon. Their popularity as decor endures because they represent the power, virtue, and beauty of nature. In the case of statues of lions, dragons, or other strong, intimidating beasts, they have also been employed as erstwhile Buster the Bulldog Sculptureguardians. As with gargoyles, it is hoped that such animal sculptures will keep the bad spirits from crossing the threshold and bring good luck to their place of residence. 

While animal statues of yore were obviously sculptures made of still, unmovable stone, modern resin sculpting technologies have added such an incredible degree of detail to the mix that people routinely take a second or even third glance when confronted with pieces like the Buster the Bulldog Sculpture

Crafted with incredible realism, this sculpture truly captures the intimidating yet loveable look of the English Bulldog. With ears perked up on its massive head and sitting on its haunches, Buster is always ready to chew on a rubber ball or snap up whatever snack that happens to be thrown his way. He makes an excellent gift for any bulldog fan and looks content in both home and garden.

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