It's Time to Save 20% on Gothic Decor at Design Toscano

Mystic Night Raven StatuesDecor with a Gothic flair can add a beautiful, Medieval touch to many a home and business. Most Gothic furniture items are downright regal in appearance and look as if they belong in a castle, Gothic wall decor can turn a gentle, average home into an enchanting place of mystery, and dragon statues can add a key magical, mythical touch to a mundane backyard. If you have discovered the beauty of Gothic-themed decor, get ready to smile because from now until June 12th, you get 20% off any of the items in our Gothic collection.

The time has come for our MidYear Gothic Sale and that means saving 20% on compelling indoor statuary such as the Mystic Night Raven statues and the Detest the Rest Gargoyle. The ravens make for a classic Gothic decoration and will add Poe-like atmosphere to your reading room. Detest the Rest expresses the ornery look of a grumpy gargoyle with furrowed brow and a scowl that clearly says, "Get lost!"

You also get the chance to save on gruesomely realistic decor such as the Lost Zombie Head! This is decor that will probably keep every type of pest away from your vegetable patch!

Buy any Gothic decorations from today until June 12th and get 20% as part of our MidYear Gothic Sale.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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