Japanese Cranes, Evil Skull and a Gothic Knight

Outdoor Garden Water FountainsWhen looking for an Asian décor scheme for your yard, the art of the many Asian countries can be mixed to create a wonderful look.  We have Japanese garden statues, Asian gods and many other items from the Far East.  A special look for an oriental theme might be the Large Bronze Crane: Set.  These large cranes are the Asian symbol of peace and can be bought as a set or separately.   The curved neck crane is a little over 3 feet tall and the straight neck crane is three and a half feet tall.  They are both piped to be fountains and are just lovely pieces for a peaceful garden.

For something entirely different, you need only look as far as the large selection of items in our Marble Busts for Sale section.   There are, of course, many classic pieces of sculptural busts for sale, but also some of the more crazy selections.  An example of this is the Evil Skull Jester Wall Sculpture.  This charming fellow is a skull, who is grinning away and dressed in a medieval jester outfit.  He’s fun, but not for everyone.

Many people love the medieval theme, but perhaps without the skull and our beautiful knight statues are just the right thing for this theme.  We have the traditional knights in the usual armor and then we have knights from certain castles and different periods of history.  A very nice piece is the Royal Gothic Knight of Castel Tures.  This is a Gothic Italian knight sculpted with exquisite detail including the rams head helmet and his hand painted tunic in three colors. 

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