Keep It Natural with These Garden Statuary Bird Baths

Frogs and Dragonfly with Basin Bronze Garden Sculpture: LavaBird baths are a wonderful addition to any garden. Put out a bird bath and you can feel good about providing our feathered friends with a place to keep cool on hot summer days while also being entertained by their avian bathing antics. While traditional bird baths come in the form of stone or marble bowls that are sometimes part of another larger sculpture, there are also more natural looking bird basins that blend in with their surroundings.

One such item is the bronze Ducklings with Basin Sculpture. The cast stone basin looks like a large, water-filled rock that happens to be part of the natural landscape in your garden. Little bronze ducks add to its quaint beauty. Maybe they will help attract some real birds?

Another Basin Bronze Sculpture that blends in with natural surroundings is the Basin Bronze Garden Sculpture with Frogs and Dragonfly. Painted in natural, earthy tones, the cast stone basin will look right at home in any backyard. The birds that visit will be accompanied by two bronze frogs, one of which is testing the waters with its webbed toes. They share the basin with an equally cute bronze dragonfly.

Add these natural bird baths to your garden to heighten the beauty of natural decor while providing a place for birds to cool off. Find these items, the best in animal garden statues, and beautiful garden fairies at Design Toscano today.


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