Keep the Backyard Cool with Arctic Animal Garden Statues

The Polar Bear on the Prowl StatueMay is here and with it comes beautiful warm weather and great days for helping your garden grow. The summer months are just around the corner and most of us can't wait to revel in the hot weather of June, July, and August. At the same time, we know how important it is to stay cool when it gets a little too hot for comfort. To keep cool in the upcoming hot days of summer, many of us go for a refreshing dip in the pool, or sit in the shade with a cold, ice-filled drink in hand. Use the right set of garden statuary and just looking at it might also make you feel comfortably cool on those muggy, hot days of summer.

Put the Polar Bear on the Prowl statue in the yard and you can be reminded of the freezing cold ice floes far to the north where this big arctic predator lives. In Europe, the Polar Bear  is also known as the "Ice Bear" in many places and this is an accurate description for this truly Arctic species. This top predator mostly feeds on seals, including the hefty Male Bull Fur Seal. Although the cold conditions are similar on the other end of the globe, Polar Bears don't occur in Antarctica. Instead, we see flocks of captivating penguins, including the regal King Penguin, another excellent reminder of a much colder place than your summer garden.

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