Knights and Other Battling Statues

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table Sculptural SetAll manner of medieval stories, movies and television shows are the rage now from Camelot to Merlin and we have some wonderful knight statues that will bring the stories home.  Our collection contains freestanding knight statues which are replicas of those seen in ancient castles.  The knight sculpture wall ornaments add stateliness to any room.  In keeping with the Camelot theme, we have the King Arthur and Knights of the Round Table Sculptural Set which is very colorful with all the knights dressed in their formal attire.

The Temple of Thutmose III ConsoleMany other battles throughout the ages are depicted by the statues in our Basil Street Gallery.  These range from Zulu warriors, Greek and Roman charioteers to statues of the Greek gods taking on their enemies.  A nice table sculpture is Raphael: The Archangel Sculpture with his great wings and his sword ready to do battle for good over evil. 

These knights and battle statues need to have a great display setting.  Design Toscano has several beautiful Egyptian tables that would blend with any warriors even those of medieval times.  Several of the glass tables really show off all views of the sculptures sitting on them.  The Temple of Thutmose III Console is subtle yet would show off any sculpture to its true beauty.

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