Large, Medium and Small Statues

Giant Buddha Monument-sized Garden SculptureNo matter what size your home is or your outdoor space, Design Toscano has a statue that is just the right size for you.  A large garden area is supremely suited to our large Buddha statue.  We have several of these that can fit right in and give serenity to a grand amount of space.  One statue that we are proud of is the Giant Buddha Monument-sized Garden Sculpture.  This Buddha is four feet tall and even at that size, due to the wonderful detail of the sculpture; he casts a mist of calm all around him.

All of our animals are very lifelike whether they are marble, bronze or resin painted.  Of course, we have animals in all different sizes and for the medium space there is nothing more adorable than our Lying Down Tiger Cub Statue.  All of our tiger sculpture is amazingly lifelike and this guy is no exception with his hand painted stripes and his hint of smile.  He's ready for a romp in the yard.

Our small statues are just as lovely and detailed as the grand ones and have so many places to be such as on a tabletop, in a small garden or on the patio.  A favorite one is the Talisman Gargoyle of the Eclipse Statue.  He is one of our nicely sculpted gargoyle figurines done by Liam Manchester as a Design Toscano exclusive.  The figure is done in resin with an evil face, big wings and of course he has horns.

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