Last Date to Save on Framed Art!

Pharaoh's Handmaidens, 1882 Canvas Replica PaintingFebruary 27th is here and it's the last day to buy framed art from Design Toscano and get 25% off the regular price! If you ever thought of augmenting your collection of Egyptian art with a painting or displaying beautiful replicas of Renaissance works, don't wait any longer to buy that decor or other types of framed art. You can surely purchase those items at some later date but why wait when you can get 25% off by ordering them today?

Just as a Bigfoot statue turns a regular garden into a mysterious backyard abode and garden fairies add a touch of fantasy to your place, the right framed artwork will enchant the inside of your home. You can lend a somber look to an interior room with Gothic Décor in the form of framed art such as a replica of The Night Raven Sings by John Scott. Or, if like many others, you love to decorate your home with quality Egyptian art, you might enjoy a replica of the Pharaoh's Handmaidens by John Collier.

There are also dozens of other beautiful framed works of art from Design Toscano that will add to any decorating theme. Just make sure to remember that you have to buy framed art today if you want to enjoy 25% off the regular price!

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