Last Day to get 15% off New Garden Statuary

Hanging Jungle Monkey StatueAll good things have to come to an end and today, May 17th, is one of those times. This date marks the last day when you can get 15% off any of the new arrival items at Design Toscano. If you haven't picked out and ordered any of the exciting new items found in the Design Toscano catalog, it's time to browse and buy to take advantage of this sale.

Get the Hanging Jungle Monkey Statue for your backyard or business to add some arboreal excitement to your place. As he hangs from a tree branch, this realistic replica of a Chimpanzee shows a sly smile that belies his mischievous intentions.

Today is also the last day to get 15% off the Giant Life-Size Yeti Statue. If you ever thought of buying this detailed, fantastic Bigfoot Statue, today is definitely the best day to buy it because that 15% adds up to substantial savings. The same can be said about the detailed, realistic Grand-Scale Holstein Cow Statue. Get both of these life-size, realistic sculptures and neighbors will be convinced that your backyard is both a haven for Sasquatch and a dairy farm!

Order these, new garden fairies, and other new arrivals today and get 15% off the regular price!

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