Last Day to Get 20% off Animal Garden Statues

Catch of the Day Grand Bear SculptureToday is April 25th and that date marks the last day for getting 20% off any of the fantastic animal garden sculptures from Design Toscano. If you haven’t ordered one of the detailed, life-like, animal statues from Design Toscano yet, don’t wait until tomorrow or next week unless you want to pay more.

Bring the wild into your backyard with items like the Catch of the Day Grand Bear Sculpture. Crafted by artist Samuel Lightfoot, this depiction of a bear fishing for its lunch is probably one of the most realistic animals statues you will ever lay eyes on. The life-like fur, posture, and behavior of this statue show that artist Lightfoot has observed and studied bears in the wild. He has truly captured the wild essence of the bear with this work of art and it will be a highlight of any backyard.

You can also bring beauty and personality into the garden with one of the most endearing wildlife statues. The Meerkat Gang Sculpture pay homage to these crafty, furred sprites of the African plains. This realistic sculpture depicts these masked bandits as they are usually seen, watching for predators as they stand on their hind feet.

Get 20% off these and other statues of animals until the end of today, April 25th.

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