Last Day to Get 20% off Gargoyle Figurines and Other Halloween Decor

Nightfall Sculptural Gargoyle ChandelierGiven the costs associated with parties, costumes, candy, and turning your place into a temporary haunted house, it's important to find discounts on Halloween decorations. You could buy cheap decor for this spookiest of holidays but that won't help your place stand out from homes of neighbors, family, and friends. It's better to invest in scary decor that makes a lasting impression and can be used for years instead of below-average, throwaway decor. Fortunately, if you buy Halloween decor from Design Toscano today, you can get a 20% discount on decorations of the highest quality.

Buy any of the items in our Haunting Halloween Gallery from now until the stroke of midnight and you get 20% off the regular price! This includes the Grim Reaper Sculptural Bath Tissue Tyrant to ensure that guests will be confronted with a deathly presence no matter what part of the house they visit!

For lighting, use the fantastic Nightfall Sculptural Gargoyle Chandelier. This beautifully detailed, frighteningly good sculpture will be a centerpiece item for any Halloween party.

You can also greet guests at the front door with the wonderfully Gothic Dragon Welcome Wall Plaque. Or, tell them to leave with the Go Home Wall Sculpture.

Order these and other high quality decor from our Haunting Halloween Gallery by midnight tonight and get 20% off the regular price!

Don't forget to enter our Pinterest contest to show off your Halloween decorating skills and win a $200 gift certificate! Contest ends on September 28th.

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