Last Day to get 20% off Gothic Tables and Other Furniture!

Sunday, March 4th is here and although it may not seem to be a day of much consequence to most Royal Egyptian Cheetahs Sculptural Glass-Topped Consolepeople, it happens to be the last date when you can get 20% off the prices of furniture from Design Toscano. This first weekend in March has been marked as the best time to stock up on Egyptian tables, beautiful, classic benches, sculpted tables, and other pieces of furniture designed and destined to add flair and elegance to any home.

If following an Egyptian theme, there are several Egyptian decorations available that act as both furniture and replicas of ancient works of art. You can even buy a detailed replica of King Tutankhamen's Egyptian Throne Chair and get 20% off the regular price! The same goes for the beautiful Royal Egyptian cheetah glass-topped table. Why not also take the chance to save big and buy the Egyptian Columns of Luxor shelves to display several of your Egyptian-themed works of art? The big savings indicate that now is definitely the time for buying this large item!

Shop today for those Design Toscano furniture pieces you have always wanted to get because you won't get 20% off if you order them tomorrow!



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