Last Day to Get 20% off of Asian-Themed Décor!

Sunday, February 5th has arrived and in terms of Asian-themed decor, this the last day that you can get 20% off a variety of quality Asian-themed decorations. If you ever thought about Baby Buddha Studying the Five Precepts Statueturning your garden into green space that reminds both you and guests of the Far East, today is the day to stock up on some necessities.

For example, your garden will take on an immediate Asian appearance as soon as you install a pagoda sculpture. Don't stop there though. If you would like your garden to be a meditative place of serene tranquility, get a couple of Buddha outdoor statues. The Great Buddha Garden Sanctuary is perfect for providing a niche for meditation, the solid bronze tranquil Buddha statue will make your backyard look a bit like a temple, and the Baby Buddha statue will add a unique touch to any place.

Lighting can be provided by Pagoda lantern sculptures and a dragon statue can hide in one of the flowerbeds. Other Asian-themed animal statues can also be used to compliment the colors of flowering plants. Put in colorful and very realistic tiger cub statues to add a wild touch to your garden.

Whether you already have an Asian-themed garden or would like to start one, today is your last day to get 20% off all Asian garden sculptures, Asian garden statues, and other Asian decor!

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