Last Day to Get 20% Off Unique Garden Statuary

Our Pre-Season Garden Statue sale ends today so don't wait until tomorrow to order fantastic animal garden sculptures, breathtaking angel statues, or other sculptural decor for the backyard. Well, you could still order them on April 12th but why do that when you can buy wonderful decor for the garden and get a 20% discount? Anything from our extensive collection of garden statues is on sale for the rest of today, April 11th and includes such beautiful items as the Angel of Peace Reflecting Pool sculpture. This curly-haired cherub will add an innocent touch to any garden and the reflecting pool should attract backyard birds.

Many of our animal garden sculptures are dramatic but the new Growling Grizzly Bear statue takes garden drama to new heights! This animal yard statue is 7 feet tall and has been carefully carved and painted to look just like an actual North American Grizzly Bear. Don't be surprised if it takes your dog a while to get used to this realistic sculpture. It's large size and impressive details also make this statue an ideal choice as decor for a restaurant, hotel, or other business.

Get 20% off of these unique items and other high quality resin garden statues when purchasing them by the end of today, April 11th as part of our Pre-Season Garden Statue Sale!

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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