Greek Garden Statues

Monteverde Angel Statue (1882)Classic garden statuary has been used as outdoor decor for more than two thousand years. While a backyard or an olive grove has a natural, green beauty all on its own, it's more of a raw, unfinished look. When precious stones like rubies and sapphires are found, they don't show the intense colors and drama of the finished gemstone. They are much more opaque and in need of polishing to show their true nature. The same can be said of gardens that lack sculptures and other decor.

As decor is placed into a garden, it starts to take on a certain degree of personality. Classic depictions of deities, angels, fairies, and other subjects have been placed into backyards and green spaces for this very purpose and the tradition is much more popular in modern times. In fact, it's quite likely that more people showcase beautiful classic statuary like the Monteverde Angel Statue or Poseidon, God of the Sea than in ancient times simply because a higher percentage of the population now has the means to afford such items. In the not too distant past, classic statuary only graced the gardens of the very rich. However, nowadays, almost everyone can afford a gorgeous, haunting stone garden angel and other heirloom-worthy items.


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