Last Day to Receive 20% Off Gothic Tables

Sir Benedict's Library TableThe role of the table is one of basic importance. Like its smaller accompaniment, the chair, tables make it easier for people to reach food, books, and other items. They keep you from bending down to lift those same things off the floor and are a basic furniture item for most American homes. However, tables aren't just limited to providing an easy place for taking drinks and meals. In acting as one of the centerpiece furniture items for a room, they also make statements and can add a big touch of beauty to a home.

Gothic style tables in particular stand out for their beauty. While their modern and minimalist counterparts can highlight a room with delicate elegance, tables a la Gothic look ready to come to life with their big, bold statements. Carved from heavy, everlasting mahogany, they demand attention and guarantee performance for centuries. The carved appearance of the legs, feet, and sides are reminiscent of noble furniture that garnishes the keeps and castles of Medieval Europe. Stunning and beautiful, their rich, royal look tells guests that they have walked into the abode of people with noble bearing.

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