Last Day to Save Big on Shipping Costs

Giant Buddha Monument-Sized Garden SculptureShipping costs are an annoyance but quickly grow into a burden when buying several items or large objets d'art. While the extra dollars for shipping might not be too much with small items, hefty fees get added onto the costs of larger, heavier purchases. Sometimes, they are so much that you seriously begin to consider driving to the store and using your own car to carry that beautiful, antique replica chair back home. That may cut costs but for most people, it's not really an option because the store is too far away or the purchase just too big for your vehicle. When buying online, people don't usually complain too much about the shipping costs because they view them as necessary sacrifices to make in light of the low, online prices and ease in purchasing unique items.

Nevertheless, it's always better to pay less and this weekend you can do just that when making purchases of $75 or more from Design Toscano. It's the perfect time to buy big, heavy items like a large Buddha statue or Gothic tables so take advantage of this last day of free shipping from Design Toscano on $75 or more purchases and place a large order today!

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