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Venus of Arles Sculpture - GrandSculptures for outside come in many forms and sizes. There are realistic animal statues that can turn your garden into a scene from the deep forests of the Pacific northwest or the savannahs of wildest Africa. You can turn your garden into an exquisite Asian-themed abode or have garden fairies hiding in the flower beds while gargoyles guard the doorways to your house and glare down from the roof. However, as exciting as those backyard decorating themes are, they aren't classic.

That doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with them, it just means that they don't lend themselves to the same sort of atmosphere as Greek garden statues or other classic, fake stone sculptures. The classics refer to pieces created in the art tradition of ancient Greece and Rome. These are pieces like the Venus of Arles,statues of the Madonna, or a replica of "The Thinker" by Rodin.

Classic-themed sculptures are pieces that can easily stand out on their own and bring your mind to another time and place. Most were originally sculpted for this reason and the beautiful, detailed replicas of classic statues from Design Toscano continue to do just that in gardens across the nation.

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