Legendary Gothic Decor

Count Dracula's Coat of Arms Wall PlaqueGothic and Medieval decorations are inspired by a combination of history and fantasy genre tales. This type of decor includes far more than just a few gargoyle figurines. It also incudes breathtaking, beautiful furniture items, stunning wall decor, and hundreds of objets d'art. Some Gothic decorations are also inspired by legends that date back to the Middle Ages. One such story is that of King Arthur and his legendary sword, Excalibur. This magic sword could only be pulled out of its natural stone scabbard by the hands of the true king of England and when Arthur removed it from the stone with ease, his true noble nature was revealed. Our replica of this legendary sword makes a majestic display of nobility when hung on the wall of your den. As befits one of the most famous swords of all time, it's made from fine, stainless steel, is nearly four feet in length, and is etched with Medieval designs.

Another, not so noble legend is that of Count Dracula. The name for the world's most famous vampire was taken from a title given to Vlad III Dracula, a fifteenth century Wallachian prince who became infamous for executing thousands of his enemies by impaling them on sharp posts. The actual family crest of "Vlad the Impaler" is shown on the hauntingly regal Count Dracula Coat of Arms wall decor.

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