Line the Entrance to Your Backyard with Classic Garden Statuary

Venus of Arles Sculpture - GrandIn ancient Greece, gardens of the well-to-do and the grounds of temples showcased beautiful sets of statues that depicted various figures from the Greek pantheon. Some were so realistic that they gave birth to legends of a snake-haired Gorgon who could turn people into stone. After the ancient Greek Empire declined, the Roman Empire arose and followed the Greek example of decorating villas and sacred sites with realistic sculptures carved from stone.

Walkways in some places were lined with incredible images of deities, images of beauty, leaders, and warriors. Several centuries later, wealthy Europeans revived the tradition of showcasing beautifully sculpted figures in large gardens and cemeteries. Statues of Jupiter and and Hemera, the Goddess of Daylight lined the entranceways to beautiful gardens in many parts of Europe and it continues to this day in quite a few backyards in Canada and the United States if America. Whereas only the most wealthy of families could afford classic sculptures for their gardens in Europe, the much lower prices of resin garden statues from Design Toscano make it very possible to flank the entrance of your backyard with beautiful, detailed replicas of classic sculptures.

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