Liven up a Guest Room With Egyptian Decor

Thanksgiving Day SaleRoyal Golden Bastet Egyptian Side TableEverybody wants to be the perfect host over the holidays.  If you want to make sure that your guests speak accolades about their stay in your home, one way to do so is by livening up your guest room with a unique Egyptian theme.  You can do so without going overboard, and add the touch of magic and mystery into your guest room with just a few simple pieces.  Here are some ideas on implementing Egyptian home decor to make a unique guest room theme.

An Egyptian Temple plaque is a piece of Egyptian art that can add to an Egyptian themed roomed in just a few minutes.  A piece like this is not only symbolic, but will add some brilliant colors to your guest room theme to truly make it pop.  These come in a variety of sizes to accommodate any guest room size and any decor budget as well.

Egyptian tables as well serve as a gorgeous centerpiece or even nightstand table in any guest room decor.  Add one beside the bed, or as a vanity of sorts in your newly themed guestroom.  Our Royal Golden Bastet table is both stunning and affordable and beautifully captures the images of Bastet, goddess and protector of women.

It is easy to go traditional when you are sprucing up a guest room for guests over the holidays.  Why not go outside the box and go traditional with an era that is centuries old. With our holiday sales, you can’t go wrong when it comes to theme OR budget.

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