Looking To Add A Fun And Unique Fountain To Your Outdoor Garden?

Fountains can be the landscaping centerpiece for every distinctive garden.  They bring a sense of peace, calm and beauty to your outdoors environment, which will awe any guest or passerby. 

Design Toscano has dozens of garden fountains to choose from. Whether you want to complement your garden's animal theme or historic theme, we have numerous classic fountain designs to choose from.

Garden fountains are especially irresistible during these hot summer months, when just the sound of running water cools you down.

If you want your garden fountains to have some versatility, you might like this Tiny the Elephant Lawn Sculpture, which doubles as a garden sprinkler! It is beautiful to look at, waters your garden's grass and plants, and can be a fun water game for the kids, who sure could use an hour or two to escape from that summer heat. 

This garden fountain would look great with any outdoor haven, and at a reduced price, how could you resist? 

If you like this Elephant Lawn Statue, then you will also like the other Animal Garden Statues we offer.  If you're interested in learning more or looking for more unique garden fountains, visit our website.  Also, sign up for Design Toscano e-mails to learn about new items in stock, promotions, and other good deals! 

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