Make Your Backyard Sing with Outdoor Garden Water Fountains

Heavenly Moments Angel Sculptural FountainThe garden should be a quiet, relaxing place but it doesn't need to be absent of sound. In fact, it can't and shouldn't be absolutely silent because the subtle sounds of nature are one of the benefits of any backyard. Birds sing from the tops of trees in spring and early summer, and chirp and chatter at other times of the year. On warm summer evenings, crickets and other insect sounds can act as natural lullabies. Even during the dead of winter, sound is still present as wind blows through the trees. The natural sounds should be there but you do yourself and the garden a favor by installing water fountains to add to the backyard symphony .

Fountains have played important roles in European plazas for hundreds of years. Locals came to them to fill their water buckets but they also enjoyed the sights and sounds of beautiful sculptures that blended water and stone. The water in a good fountain gurgles but the splashing and flow of a great fountain positively sings. These are pieces like the Cherubs at Play Sculptural fountain and the Heavenly Moments Angel Sculptural fountain. Both are as beautiful for the ears as they are for the eyes and will fill any garden with the happy sounds of laughing water.

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