Many Useful Dragons

These items are all in our sale collection.

Everyone loves a large outdoor statue like our large Buddha statue, but not everyone has a large dragon resting on their garage or shed roof.  Our Apex, the Winged Dragon Sculptural Roof Cresting is of course a Design Toscano exclusive.  He is sculpted of designer resin and has a fearsome face and broad wings.  His base is constructed such that he can easily be placed on most roofs. 

Rock On Dragon Computer SpeakersWe have many gargoyle gifts in our collection, but did you know that we have some very useful dragon gifts also.  One such item is our set of Rock On Dragon Computer Speakers, what a great gift for someone that spends all their time on the computer.  These lovable dragon speakers are 8 inches high and can plug into any USB port.  Can’t you just imagine your boss’s face when he sees these rocking dragons on your desk?

Our dragon and gargoyle figurines are not just for decorative purposes, many of them have a functional use in your home or office.  A very functional piece is The Wolfram Dragons Sculptural Wall Shelf.  These dragons which are exquisitely designed by artist Gary Chang hold up a sculptured shelf about one yard long.  This is an unusual place in which to put all your stuff that will be well guarded.

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