Medieval Accessories Add Just the Right Touch

If you have been thinking about giving the gift of the medieval era this year, but are worried Florentine Dragon Gothic Iron Doorbellthat it might be a little too much for a certain someone, you may want to think about giving the same sentiment with medieval accessories.  This is a design theme that is very easy to go overboard on, but with the touch of a simple Gothic accessory for medieval home decor, you make the same statement without saying too much.  Here are some great ideas to get you started.

Our Florentine Dragon Gothic Doorbell is the perfect touch of Gothic decor without going overboard. This simple piece will certainly be a conversation starter for the guests your gift recipient will entertain in the future for years to come.  In two different sizes, it can fit any budget as well for under $40.

Gargoyle figurines are also designed to fit any home decor theme.  These symbols of protection can be placed anywhere inside or outside the home, and serve as quaint little reminders of security.  Our Florentine Gargoyle Statue imposes an air of vigil wherever it is placed.  With a variety of sizes to choose from, this replica antique comes with an antique price tag as well!

The medieval era is not as dark and foreboding as people think.  There isn’t anybody who can’t capture the magic and mystery of this time with a simple accent or accessory piece that will blend well in any indoor or outdoor space.

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